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Beneficiary attendant

Immediate supervisors – Nursing assistant in chief

Main responsibilities
The orderly is responsible for the health office in the absence of the nursing assistant, in accordance with the laws governing residences for the elderly.


Resident management

  • Welcoming residents and visitors
  • On-call telephone service
  • Meeting residents’ health needs
  • Maintaining good relations

Customer service and care management

  • Distribute medicines to the health office and ensure their safekeeping
  • Residents’ laundry
  • Distribute medication and meals on floors
  • Assist residents who need help with their DSAs, such as bathing.
  • Completing the medication form
  • Respond to alerts in the nurse’s absence
  • Act as a first-aider for anyone in need of assistance
  • Call ambulance services as soon as necessary and in accordance with our emergency policies
  • Supervise safety monitors on the evening shift
  • Perform a few medical operations: take temperature, capillary blood sugar, blood pressure, saturation
  • Perform other tasks related to resident care and comfort


  • Disseminate information, record incidents and keep communications log up to date
  • Keep the head nurse or manager informed of any anomalies;


  • Clean health care offices, management offices, reception area and small lounge (dusting, stains)
  • Cleaning the washroom
  • Keep your work area and health office clean


  • Replace receptionist when needed
  • Update your knowledge in your field
  • Any other task required by management

Competence profile

  • Beneficiary attendant training (DEP)
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of seniors’ needs
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Customer service orientation and listening skills
  • Autonomy
  • CPR, PDSB and First Aid training
  • Bilingualism

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