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How do you plan your residential budget?

Planning your retirement home budget can seem like a daunting task. Manoir Gouin presents a few tips for simple, realistic retirement home planning.

Seniors’ residences include a number of services for the elderly in their rents, ranging from meals to heating, for example. Other essential costs, however, are not included in these rents, so it’s essential to draw up a precise budget, based on foreseeable income (pensions, state benefits, any family assistance) and anticipated expenses.

Tips for planning your residence budget

Current expenses included in the rent for Manoir Gouin

As part of your rent, you benefit from a range of services for seniors at Manoir Gouin. This includes the cost of meals, which include three meals and two snacks a day, served in the bright, spacious restaurant-style dining room. Each person chooses from one of nine daily menus, which take into account each person’s dietary constraints.

So you can enjoy a healthy and pleasant diet without having to spend more than your rent. Daily care, provided by highly trained and experienced teams, is also included. No need to pay extra for optimum medical safety!

Also included in the rent are a range of leisure activities to keep seniors entertained and take their minds off things on a regular basis. Each month, a dynamic and experienced activity leader proposes a series of activities in which they are free to participate as they wish. Here’s a way to keep spirits high without breaking the bank!

Preparing a realistic residence budget

Now that you know what expenses and senior services are included in the Manoir Gouin rent, you can list the expenses that are not included but are necessary or desirable, and compare the sum to your monthly income. For example, Manoir Gouin does not include these services in its monthly rent:

  • Laundry ($96/month)
  • Indoor garage ( $75 / month)
  • Outdoor parking ($45/month)
  • Basement storage space ($26/month)
  • A la carte treatments
  • Hair and beauty salon(price list available soon online)
  • Seamstress service(price list available online shortly)

Please note that prices may change in the coming months.

The idea is to plan realistically and reasonably, so that the budget can be maintained over the long term without having to adjust it regularly.

If you need help, our advisors can give you more details and help you work out the optimum budget. Take the time to learn more about :

Don’t forget to leave yourself a certain margin

The unexpected can happen at any time, so it’s essential to leave yourself some room to maneuver. Include in your budget a few dozen dollars a month that you won’t touch, and that will ensure you’re not financially paralyzed in times of need.

NOTE: Residents aged 70 and over are eligible for financial assistance in the form of monthly payments (averaging from $141.00 to $430.00), thanks to the tax credit for home support for the elderly and the housing allowance. To obtain an estimate of the payments you could receive, visit Revenu Québec’s online services in the Advance Payment Estimator section.

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Last update: June 4, 2020