Welcome to our large and welcoming dining room!

Our guests are served at their table, like at the restaurant, promptly and courteously.

We offer three meals per day with an accompanying and two snacks a day. Residents may choose between the regular menu and nine à la carte options! The food is prepared by our qualified chef Mr. Anthony Gallo in compliance with Canada’s Food Guide and in respect with the specific nutritional needs of seniors citizens.

Our daily menus are based on a 5-week cycle that the chef transforms every month to prioritize seasonal foods. Our are regularly published every season and available on our Facebook page so that the families and residents can see what’s on the menu quickly.

Residents who prefer to have their meals in the comfort of their apartment can benefit from a cabaret delivery service if needed or on a daily basis.

À la carte menu options are available too!

Options are limitless, bon appétit!

Example of our typical menu in 2021

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5