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What is a progressive residence?

Manoir Gouin presents the advantages of living in a progressive retirement home that adapts to your needs.

A progressive residence is a living and care environment for people with varying degrees of autonomy, most of whom are elderly. One of its distinctive features is its adaptability in terms of the care it provides, in line with the individual evolution of each resident over time.

Advantages of a progressive residence

Design and principle of an evolutionary residence

A retirement home of this type is designed to meet both the traditional needs of daily life and those inherent in declining autonomy or cognitive loss. Within the residence itself, or in adjacent buildings, there are specific care options to help the people who stay there. This concern for adaptability offers great flexibility in terms of the cases to be dealt with, and enables us to provide residents with the best possible support in their life course. In a way, the evolution of care based on need is the very principle of the progressive residence. This is only possible thanks to a wide range of professional services. It’s an energizing place to live, with the emphasis on maintaining each individual’s autonomy.

Of course, for this last point to be meaningful, we need to take into account the person’s intrinsic abilities and possibilities, as well as their specific needs. As these are subject to change, residents can always be sure of receiving optimum care and support. This is a fundamental part of the Manoir Gouin vision. Indeed, we make sure that our retirement home provides comfort and security for all our residents over the long term.

The right environment for every situation

The aim of a progressive retirement home is to offer the most pleasant environment possible within a multi-functional structure. Our support is above all personalized, to ensure your safety and peace of mind. One of our main objectives is to offer the best possible quality of life, taking into account the tastes and habits of each individual. Residents must be able to continue to live as they wish, while benefiting from care appropriate to their situation. Creating a climate of trust is therefore essential, and will be built on the basis of specific listening, always taking account of the customer’s real needs.

Care for cognitive loss

Cognitive loss is often misunderstood and misperceived. Understanding them correctly in terms of care requires the intervention of healthcare professionals. Only they can work in the right way, with a thorough understanding of the context of each situation. A progressive residence has the capacity and skilled personnel to take care of this type of pathology and provide relief. As a result, they can offer appropriate care for cognitive loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

While it is not yet possible to definitively halt the progression of this disease, it is now possible to slow it down with specific treatments. Many progressive residences are able to offer them, and thus help people who suffer from them.

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