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10 ideas for activities in retirement homes

What is daily life like in a retirement home? Activities are organized to promote well-being and fitness. Discover 10 ideas foractivities in retirement homes!

Evening concert

A source of well-being, music is used as a therapy for certain illnesses affecting the elderly. Not only does listening to it promote relaxation and brain activity, it also allows you to sketch out a dance step. Thanks to rhythmic movement, our seniors exercise their balance, reducing the risk of falls.

Residents’ party

In a retirement home, every resident needs to feel important, despite living in a community. That’s why we celebrate our monthly residents’ party as a group. Enhancing the value of the elderly person serves to combat emotional isolation and respect their dignity.


Just because we’re pensioners doesn’t mean our brains are retired! At any age, learning exercises the intellect, slowing its decline. Conferences organized in senior citizens’ residences usually address themes close to residents’ concerns.

Cultural, historical and outdoor activities

To avoid confinement and social isolation, outings are organized for retirement home residents (orchards, parks, museums, etc.). These outdoor activities enable our seniors to keep in touch with life outside the residence. What’s more, walking, intellectual stimulation and a sense of belonging to a group help to overcome depression.

Themed and seasonal festivities

The year is punctuated by a host of events that provide opportunities to celebrate and offer well-being to our seniors! For example, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and even a Hawaiian party in the summer are time markers that stimulate the memory of the elderly and help them to situate themselves in time.

Walking Club

Outdoor physical activity reduces stress levels by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Outdoor walking is also good for bronchial tubes and immunity. Walking in a club also strengthens group cohesion and makes it easier to live together.

Movie night

Most seniors’ residences have a common room with video support for viewing films. In fact, a quiet evening in front of an old classic or the discovery of a new film offers the possibility of overcoming boredom.

Crafts and creative workshops

Since there’s no age limit to learning, craft workshops are organized for residents of retirement homes. These workshops stimulate creativity and enable our seniors to continue to flourish. As a result, seniors who already had a creative passion before moving into residence will be delighted to be able to perpetuate it in themed workshops.

Exercises and gentle gymnastics

Adapted to each individual’s abilities, gentle gymnastics helps prevent health risks for the elderly, such as bone and muscle loss, balance problems and reduced locomotor coordination. In retirement homes, exercises can be performed individually, in pairs or in groups.


As we age, loneliness and boredom can set in, even in retirement homes. For example, socializing over a cup of coffee or tea, chatting with outside visitors, sharing memories or playing board games are all activities that encourage the socialization of the elderly.

For an active and fulfilling retirement, or that of your parents, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to visit Manoir Gouin, our peaceful seniors’ residence located in theAhuntsic-Cartierville borough of Montreal.