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Kitchen Helper

Immediate superior : Head chef
Main responsibilities
Assist the head chef and ensure compliance with kitchen hygiene standards.

Tasks :

Meal management

  • Prepare special orders for residents
  • Washing, peeling, slicing and trimming foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables
  • Preparing dishes such as sandwiches, hamburgers and salads
  • Divide food into portions and place directly on plates to serve to residents, and pack food for cabarets to deliver to apartments
  • Unpack and store groceries in refrigerators, cupboards and other storage areas
  • Assemble desserts
  • Preparing certain dishes for the freezer
  • Prepare, assemble menus and serve meals
  • Receive, as required, proof of payment for meals purchased by visitors, employees or residents.


  • Clean worktops, storage units and kitchen appliances
  • Sweep and wipe floors, and perform other tasks to assist the cook and kitchen staff.


  • Keep the chef or manager informed of any anomalies
  • Any other task requested by the manager

Competence profile :

  • Knowledge of kitchen and dining room hygiene measures
  • Standing stamina and manual dexterity
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Versatility and autonomy
  • Concern for a job well done

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