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The top 5 advantages of living in a residence

Top 5 advantages of residential living in Montreal

Making the decision to leave your home and move into a private residence is not always an easy one. Older people are generally confronted with this issue in the midst of their retirement, and retirement is often a trigger for new awareness. Fortunately, there are a number of highly competent organizations that can help the elderly. Let’s take a look at the top 5 advantages of living in a residence to better understand how this change can ultimately be very beneficial.


Most private residences offer a wide range of services to helpelderly people cope with their day-to-day problems. Personalized care adapted to loss of autonomy, home-delivered meals and the possibility of eating in the residence’s in-house restaurant.

What’s more, short stays are also possible, with the added benefit of financial assistance. These high-quality, professional services are also an excellent way of preventing elder abuse, as they ensure that the elderly are in safe hands.


Most private residences are equipped to guarantee a high level of security. These help people find their feet in the residence and feel more at ease. It’s another way of countering the abuse of the elderly, who can evolve in complete serenity in a perfectly secure environment.

Many residences are also certified, with emergency call buttons installed in apartments, for example. Surveillance is organized around the clock, reducing the risk of wandering or running away. The level of security in a private residence is therefore much higher than in your own home.

The social aspect

Living in a private residence helps people to forge new ties and make new acquaintances, some of whom can be very enriching. Communal areas are a great help to the elderly, who can socialize in a natural way, whether through eating, playing or dedicated activities.

It’s an excellent way of countering the isolation of the elderly and, in some cases, giving them a new lease on life. The elderly need constant support and are never alone, to the extent that some of them even manage to find love.


Some people are naturally home-loving, preferring to stay quietly at home. Residential life is likely to frighten them, simply because they have to comply with strict living rules and certain restrictive habits. That’s why private residences offer the possibility of living in an apartment or studio.

Mealtimes and bedtimes are therefore completely free, and residents can enjoy their own space as they please. What’s more, they can be customized and decorated to their own taste. This solution is particularly attractive for independent or solitary people.

The activities

One of the many advantages of living in a residence is that a recreation manager takes charge of organizing activities. You don’t have to keep looking for what to do, just select what interests you and participate or not, as you feel like it. Activities are a great way to stay active, both mentally and physically. The theme evenings are particularly popular, as they are always stimulating and convivial.

Whether it’s billiards, singing or dancing, the diversity of activities means there’s never a dull moment. What’s more, they’re usually perfectly in tune with the seasons. It’s often an opportunity to discover new passions and practice them with other residents in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

As we’ve just highlighted, living in a private residence has many advantages in many respects, especially in Montreal, a beautiful city where life is good. Manoir Gouin is renowned for the quality of its care and services. Another advantage is that it’s close to many shops. In all cases, you’ll find a solution that meets your expectations and suits your nature.